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Simple skin care routine

Posted by R K on

Maintaining personal hygiene is one of the really important activities that accompany a person's daily life. In fact, it is extremely important for the social, health, personal and psychological status, becoming a hallmark of the individual. We know from an early age that following certain hygiene habits can prevent the development and spread of infections, diseases and odors.

Personal hygiene refers to the overall cleaning and care of the body - bathing, washing hands, brushing teeth and wearing clean clothes. To this number we can add making safe health decisions when interacting with other people. All of these good cleaning practices have not only health but also social benefits.

In fact, in order to achieve this health and social comfort, we must be aware that the skin is the first and only barrier against the entry of pathogenic bacteria and viruses into the body. In view of this, taking care of the cleanliness of the skin is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Every day, one comes in contact with millions of contaminants and carriers of the infection. The accumulation of disease-causing bacteria is formed during daily activities - phone calls, public transport, shopping in the store, communicating with colleagues at work. People do not have the opportunity to see or feel them as long as they linger on the body and enter the body. In these cases, the external protective barrier is contaminated, overloaded with dead cells, toxins and microbes, which in turn cause infections. To perform its primary functions, the skin needs moisture and lipids, which, in the end, can be achieved through good hygiene.

With a few simple steps, you can ensure a complete and healthy lifestyle, keeping bacteria and viruses away from the body:

Keeping your hands clean

One of the main habits before eating, playing with children, after going to the toilet or just relaxing on the couch in front of the TV, is washing and drying your hands. It is inadmissible to touch the face with unwashed hands - after a long working day, shopping or cleaning with the personal vehicle, enough contaminants accumulate on the hands. Dirty hands can add more germs and bacteria to the skin and thus create a potential risk of inflammation. When a new pimple appears, it is best not to take any action, as it creates the preconditions for infection and scarring.

Cleaning objects touching the face

Mobile phones contain countless amounts of bacteria and germs. Dirt from the hands is transferred to the devices every time we use them. The best way to prevent this is to use cleaning wipes every few hours to clean the appliance. In addition to telephones, these rules must apply to other electronic devices that we use every day - computer keyboard, tablet, e-book reader.

In full force, the same applies to the devices for applying cosmetics on the face - brushes, pencils, tampons. These favorite beauty tools are greasy on the skin and they are layered with dirt and dead cells. Washing them once a week, for example, with baby shampoo or baking soda, will help to achieve a clean and beautiful appearance of the face.

Washing, exfoliating, hydrating… And again!

Even after a long day of work, when the thought is focused on rest and relaxation, it is necessary to apply routine skin care, which includes washing, cleansing and moisturizing. By washing the skin of the face gets rid of the highest levels of dirt and bacteria. Exfoliation penetrates deeper into the skin, removing deposits and toxins accumulated in the pores, while keeping the pores open and clean. Adding moisture to the skin with a daily or night moisturizer helps maintain a healthy, clean and radiant look. At the same time, applying a moisturizer delivers the necessary substances to the skin that keep it young, supple and soft to the touch. The combination of these three elements - washing, exfoliating and hydrating - guarantees healthy and fresh skin all year round.

Perseverance and patience

Consistency and patience are rewarded with a flawless appearance and the absence of skin problems. Paying attention to personal hygiene is the right way to a flawless and healthy appearance. 



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