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Antistress - REFAN

Antistress skin care products. Stress is part of modern man's life and can hardly be avoided. In daily life we all face various situations that lead to pressure and can disrupt the normal mental and physical functioning of our body which inevitably affects the skin. Stress hormone influences skin's fresh appearance making it look older and tired.
Stress cannot be avoided but we can find ways to reduce its negative effect and easily overcome it. ANTISTRESS is REFAN's new cosmetic series, which will help you do it. Combating stress begins with the series’ pleasant citrus scent which reminds of summer and relaxation. It combines the scent of lemon blossoms, sweet orange and apple freshness, and has a beneficial influence on the senses.
The beneficial properties of ANTISTRESS cosmetic series result from its ingredients verbena extract and orange essential oil.
Verbena is widely used in cosmetics. Since ancient times it has been known as a herb for strengthening the nervous system and relieving pressure and stress with its lemon scent that awakens mind and body. Verbena extract has a beneficial effect on skin making it smooth and soft. This effect is supplemented by the orange essential oil which tonifies the skin and makes it look fresh. Its refreshing scent has a positive effect on the nervous system, relieves everyday stress and awakens the senses.
ANTISTRESS cosmetic series includes body care products: face, hands and body creams, sugar body scrub, shower-gel, peeling soap sponge and handmade soap per kilo. Their use can bring a touch of freshness and pleasure into your everyday life and can help you prevent the negative effects of stress.  It is recommended not to use these products on skin not protected with sunscreen during the summer months.