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MEN perfection REFAN

Men perfection skin care products. The urban environment is getting more and more polluted causing significant damages to our skin with visible consequences, which makes it necessary for us to take better care of our skin protection. REFAN’s innovators would like to propose a solution and it is the new men’s cosmetic line Men Perfection. Its premium-quality active ingredient - LanacitynTMPF – offers adequate protection against the environmental pollution by capturing the dust particles and maintaining the natural detoxification systems of the skin. The trials performed have shown that LanacitynTMPF successfully provides protection against cigarette smoke as well. It improves the brilliance and tonus of the skin and reduces the transepidermal water loss through the skin. LanacitynTMPF is a combination of the hydrothermal bacterium Alteromonas macleodii and chrysanthemum extract. Ateromonas macleodii is a microorganism that lives in exclusively toxic environments at extreme temperatures and the chrysanthemum extract has the capacity to overcome the oxidative stress. The combination of the hydrothermal bacterium Аlteromonas macleodii, chrysanthemum extract and rose water in the cosmetic series Men Perfection forms a protective system which guarantees full protection from the air pollution. The new men’s cosmetic series Men Perfection of REFAN includes: a daytime facial fluid, nighttime facial fluid, aftershave, eye cream and a shower-gel shampoo. The facial products are packed in innovative Аirless vials, easy for dosage and use. These vials do not allow any contamination of the content and protect the ingredients from contact with air and light thus helping to preserve the durability and properties of the consistency for a maximum period of time. Thanks to the special pump, the entire content of the vial is utilized without any residue.