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Brand established for over 25 years

Brand with more than 350 shops over the world

Brand with high quality products and friendly prices

Brand with many FORBES and other recognized international awards


Social Responsibilities

For today’s extremely materialized society the term benevolence sounds like an ancient nobility that few people deserve to wear.  

During the period 2002 - 2014 'Refan" company  supported  448 number of sports, social, cultural and health initiatives.

Only for the past 2014 a hand was given to 47 events in the social sphere, including donation of an extremely expensive incubator.

The following activities received significant public response:
-    Complete renovation and reconstruction of the  children's oncological ward of UMHAT"Saint Georgi" in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 2013.
-    Award "The Little Prince” for contributions to improving the lives of children with autism – 2012.
 “One sees clearly only with his heart. ... Everything essential is invisible to the eyes.”

This has always been the motto of company’s long-term and persistent social policy.  


The company has developed and applies a system for quality control in accordance with the requirements of the following quality standards: ISO9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005 and BS OHSAS 18001: 2007. We have also EN ISO 22716:2007 -  GMP  Certificate for Good Manufacturing Practice.

Acknowledgements for the quality of the products are also the “International European Quality Award” – Paris and the Special Forbes Award 2014, “Quality Award 2012 for contribution  to improving the quality of products”  ,  Special Award at the Trade Fair “Made in Bulgaria” and award for “New Business Idea” in 2011.



The factory is equipped with modern facilities for production of perfumery and cosmetics: Among our main suppliers of production equipment are the following world-famous producers: Frima Coruma - Switserland/Germany, Vatron Mau – France, Coven

Egidio Snc – Italy, GGM Group Italy;



Refan works in close cooperation with the largest and most outstanding world famous suppliers of raw materials, accessories and perfume bottles. Among them are the leading European raw material producers such as BASFHuntsmanSeppic, one of the world’s biggest fragrance manufacturers from France, Germany and England. Our suppliers of glass and aluminum perfume bottles are companies like Nussbaum from Switzerland and Baralan from Italy;