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Handmade Glycerin soap Apple and Mint 1kg. - REFAN

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A soap with  rich and plentiful composition. It  contains  mint extract and  mint leaves for refreshment; grape seed oil and cocoa butter for softening and nourishing the skin; mint, ginger, cloves and sage essential oils with stimulating and restorative effect; kaolin and 
oats for soft exfoliation of the skin.

Grape seed oil -  it is used as a soothing, softening, moisturizing and lubricating ingredient that increases  the skin elasticity and  stimulates regeneration of the epidermis. It leaves the skin smooth and gentle , softens the action of soap and makes the foam mild and dense.

  •  Cocoa butter – it has softening, moisturizing and nourishing effect and gives a velvet texture to the soap and soapsuds.
  •   Mint extract –it is used as an active ingredient in cosmetic products, with restorative, cleansing, refreshing and deodorizing effect.
  •  Essential oils – mint, ginger, cloves, sage –a harmonious blend of the essential oils with fresh green herbal scent.
  •  Mint leaves – they have cleansing and tonic effect and provide a gentle micro-massage of the skin. 
  •  Oats – they have a slightly abrasive, absorptive and exfoliating effect.

The soap is about 1kg. You could cut pieces with knife at home.

We also offer soap cutter to make it easy for you. Just hit "soap cutter" in the search bar.