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Handmade Glycerin soap Lilac & Clove 1kg. - REFAN

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A soap with mysterious scent of blooming lilacs and notes of cloves, petigren and ilang-ilang . A combination of essential oils known for their therapeutic properties is used in it.

  • Cloves oil – with strong antimicrobial and tonic action.
  • Petigren oil – it has antiseptic and deodorizing action, with good effect on blemished skin.
  • Ilang-Ilang oil – an essential oil recognized as an extremely strong aphrodisiac that, at the same time stimulates, refreshes and has an antidepressant effect. 
  • Poppy seed – the seed filler gives skin the extra care of being gently exfoliated.

The soap is about 1kg. You could cut pieces with knife at home.

We also offer soap cutter to make it easy for you. Just hit "soap cutter" in the search bar.